Why Content is King – Though You Can’t Build the Empire without Links

In this blog though I have written on a wide variety of SEO topics including a bunch of link building techniques and tips I have rarely talked about Page Rank. Unlike many others, I have never been obsessed with PR as a SEO and have always treated is more as an indicator of my page’s link strength and nothing more than that. However, this post is triggered by the recent Google Page Rank update that happened yesterday.

Every SEO consultant would vouch for the fact that it is impossible to get good rankings for any competitive keyword till you have developed a solid army of link. So when search rankings are so dependent on links why do we still say Content is King?

Well the fact remains that an able King never has trouble in putting together an army and the case is no different in the world of SEO. Good content automatically generates link ( and if you fret about PR, you will get PR too ).

For one of our company websites we have been working incessantly to improve the search rankings and while we have been building links through various techniques we have always been heavily content centric.

Just 12 days back we launched a viral content. In 12 days , the content got 277 Facebook Likes, 365 Tweets, 3277 Stumbles and 435 Google Plus Ones and a good number of links too. Result : with the recent PR update, the content page now has a PR of 5 – the highest on the website, even more than the home page.

So are you still sticking to the old scale link building or would you rather depend on your king ( content) to build his army of link ?

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  1. Xii says:

    Thanks for your advice and your recommendations about how regularly you should enter information on your website. I did not realize that running my website is a daily task. Very informative!

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