Google Web Elements – An Easy Way to Integrate Google Products

By digitalSRC
Sep 28th, 2009

Google has always been known for its simplicity and the wonderful services that it provides (in most cases apparently for free). With the launch of Google Elements it has now become all the more easier to use the Google products and integrate them nicely within your website.

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You can use this to easily integrate features like Google Custom search, Maps, News, Calendar, Presentation in to your website. While some of you might like to call this an widget, I would rather think of this as a nice container for the Google tools that would motivate more and more webmasters to use them.

These tools are pretty handy and of them all the one I like most is the conversation module. This allows your visitors to post comments directly on your website. This can be fantastic addition for those traditional website that are trying to get onto the more interactive version of the web ( Web 2.0 ) but are restrained by financial/ technical capabilities.

You can checkout the different Web Elements offered by Google here.

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1 Comment to “Google Web Elements – An Easy Way to Integrate Google Products”

  1. NMD says:

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.
    I never knew about Google Web elements before reading this post.
    It will ease my effort to place a spreadsheet and presentation in my blog.


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