Hathway Internet Connection in Hyderabad – Pathetic Service!

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Sep 14th, 2007

This post has nothing to do with SEO but more of my pathetic experience with Internet connection in Hyderabad. Probably I shopuldn’t have post it in this SEO blog but I thought it would be wise to advice my readers about the same as I know most of my readers use internet connection at home and there are significant number of readers from Hyderabad, India.

After I relocated to Hyderabad in June I subscribed to Hathway Internet Connection for my home. As my work demands uninterrupted internet connection and heavy downloads I opted for their 512 kbps package for three months instead of the 256kbps connection. The first month was good, except for a day or two of disruption. However, as the second month rolled on, I have hardly had any continuous conncetivity. I took the internet connction in Hyderabad on June 26th, 2007 and today its 14th September – in this approx 90 days period, there has been atleast 15-20 days when there were no internet connection at my place. To add to this..

a) The customer care number is a paid call, there is no tool free number
b) You would never get through to the customer care center before you try the number for atleast 3-4 times ( that is when you are lucky), at times even more.
c) All you would get from the customer care is , “there is a signal problem and it will be resolved”
d) There is no system of escalation

Another horrible thing about this internet connection in Hyderabad is that, every time it rains, even if its a few drops… the connection goes off. The Internet Service provider (ISP) would still have the same answer, “signal problem”.

In my last conversation with customer care center, I asked for an email address of their company head ad those guys would just provide me the customer care email address and nothing more. Even their website would not have the email address for any of their management guys.

I am absolutely frustrated with this pathetic Internet connection in Hyderabad and Hathway is horrible as an internet service provider ( ISP ).

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4 Comments to “Hathway Internet Connection in Hyderabad – Pathetic Service!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    BSNL internet connection to me was quite ok, but once it is down it is very difficult to get somebody to repair it.


  2. Muna says:

    I am facing similar problems with Hathway you can read about it in my blog.


    If you know of any good service providers please let me know.

  3. Satish says:

    I had similar experiences with YOU Telecom (which was earlier called IQARA). I had taken 96 kbps unlimited and to my frustration the download speed was terrible 1-2kbps and i could not open a particular site totally which i was working on everyday. Inspite of my continuous calls to the customer care the response was mind-blowingly terrible. Unfortunate thing was there was no other provider service in my locality. I got my first month’s bill. I then spoke to the customercare number of times after the bill that iam not ready to pay the bill unless the issue is resolved….Fine evening when I was damm busy in the office i got a call saying he’s the executive from YOU and has come to my residence for bill collection. I potitely told him abt the whole issue after which he started abusing me. I didn’t want to speak to that cheap person and i disconnected the phone. He then called me a couple of times and i didnot answer the call after which he sent me a message with VERY OBUSIVE Language. I then called him back and he started threatening me that he would kill me. That hero’s name is SATISH.
    The next day I went to YOU TELECOM office in Begumpet. I met Mr. VIJAY BHARKAR, who’s the Manger of Collection Department. He’s an other hero. I showed him the message and he immediately summoned the executive who was on the field, took his SIM card and immediately sacked him. I was convinced and got home. The next day when i called on the executive’s number, the same person(Satish) answered the call, means sacking episode was artistically scripted and directed by the great hero, manager Mr. Vijay Bhaskar.
    After this i gave the complaints regarding this to the customer care ut no use. There is no option in the website to reach a senior person. In the complaints column there is a dropdown with list of complaint names. U can only selct a complaint but cannot write a complaint of ur choice. It shows the company is intentionally encouraging these idiots. Unfortunately i payed the bill and iam still continuing with this connection as i have no other option.

  4. Anonymous says:

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